Liner Kits

A wide variety of liner kits are available; ranging from 3” to a custom size of 16” for the following types of flues:

  • Hot water tanks
  • Furnaces
  • Open fireplaces
  • Pre-fabricated fireplaces
  • Insert wood stoves
  • Free standing wood stoves
  • Pellet stoves

Although there are different grades of stainless liners, we recommend using heavy walled liners on all wood burning appliances.


Our stainless steel weather caps range for any size flue. This includes round pipe (even exhaust vents for drains), standard chimney stack clay tile liners and obscure sizes for decorative flue liners. If the damper is broken inside the fireplace, we offer a two-in-one solution; a top sealing damper/stainless steel weather cap. Also, if multiple flues need to be covered with one cap, we do offer custom sized weather caps. All stainless steel caps come with a lifetime warranty. If a stainless steel cap is no desired, we do have means to acquire a standard cap but do not recommend it because it does lack in durability due to premature rusting.


All-American Chimney sweeps offers cleanings for virtually all flue tiles and liners. If you fear your furnace liner is plugged, we can fix it. If you haven’t had your fireplace(s) cleaned in years or recently, we can clean it.  If there’s a pesky animal that won’t stay out, we can get rid of it (them). Each cleaning comes with a 20 point inspection and a guaranteed no mess warranty. The prices for such are as follows:

  • $115.00* – Standard Cleaning fee for new customers  ($5 off for per additional flue)
  • $105.00* – Standard Cleaning fee for returning customers ($5 off for per additional flue)
  • $135.00* – Oil furnace and whip cleaning fee (removal of severe creosote build up)

*Additional cost may occur but are rarely enforced


All-American chimney sweeps offers a variety of masonry repairs from the interior to the exterior, brick to stone and minor to major overhauls. Finding the perfect company to take on a home repair or expansion project can be a daunting task for anyone regardless of the level of experience. With over 30 years of experience, All-American chimney sweeps wants to make the process less of a hassle and more of a relief. All-American specializes in the following masonry repairs:

Any Brick – replacement brick is confirmed with customer before it is used on any part of the establishment

Stone – exterior and interior

Tuck pointing – grind out approximately 1.25″ of the old mortar joint and replace with new mortar enhanced with an acrylic fortifier

Flashing – on chimney stacks and exhaust flues

Fire brick – replacement in wood stoves and fireplace walls

Concrete Crown – removed and replaced with new or in less severe cases applying a latex crown saver material is sufficient

Wooden Chase – replacement of wooden chase structures from the ground up or repairs on existing chases

Stainless Steel Chase Pans – remove old galvanized chase pans and create custom fitted chase pans on chimney stack(s)

Installation of stoves – types of stoves include but are not limited to free standing, insert, pellet and corn